Product List
Mini word processing center Click1113

Applicable industry
The advertising industry, mini word, luminous characters, bevel word production, advertising word sign carving etc.
The furniture industry, solid wood furniture, solid wood doors, decorative materials, cabinet door, computer table, mahjong table, furniture, office furniture, wooden box, wooden kitchen utensils and all kinds of furniture processing etc../okit88
Function characteristics
This organism optimization design for diversification of the complexity of processing or diversity processing models, a wide range of uses: engraving, drilling, cutting, slotting milling, leading edge, is mainly used for cutting and engraving and milling;
The mechanical, electrical components of the models are the top products in the world. Servo drive system in Japan, Taiwan computer operating system, automatic cutter spindle for imported from Italy HSD; eight station disk automatic tool change, tool change time is only 8 seconds, high efficiency, and user-friendly operation is simple;
A heavy cutting type processing machine; table top vacuum adsorption. The whole process without further cutting board, cutting on the line, can be omitted making the mold; the maximum processing speed can reach 15 meters -- 25 m / min../okit88 Idle speed to up to 80 m / min.
New function
Multi processing center CNC engraving machine, can quickly switch between 8 different knife, capable of operating, than the spindle drilling more efficient, convenient, reducing tool change procedures. CNC machining center for diversification of the complexity of the processing, can improve the precision and beauty products processing, the cutting and engraving and milling, drilling, carving, can also be used for side milling, side of the saw, and so on down side.




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